When To Take Maternity Photos?

Do you wonder when to take maternity photos? I’ll state that the answer will differ for each expecting mother based on the maternity period and the mother’s preferred time. We’ve provided some ideas and valuable tips to assist you to choose the best time for your pregnancy photo shoot.

Pregnancy is a memorable and exciting time in one’s life, Moms are often concerned about when to take maternity photos. I will detail further with tips and proposals to showcase why it is preferable to conduct in the final trimester (28 to 36 weeks). Maternity photos are a beautiful sensation you should save for a lifetime. Your pregnancy photos are always going to be special for you as well as your partner.

When should you take maternity photos?

Almost every pregnant woman and every pregnancy are exceptional. Mums should observe their body’s modifications while growing baby bump to identify the best time to take photos.

Maternity images are best taken in the third trimester or approximately 30 weeks. Once you’ve reached the seventh or eighth month, We suggest, it’s the best stage to take maternity photos. At that phase, your belly will grow a pretty rounded shape that is quite suitable for showing off bumps in the photo shoot. Furthermore, you feel more comfortable moving around because a baby is not much positioned at the downside and you also look lavish in baby bumps.

The best time is between 28 and 36 weeks

Do you know the best time to get the picture of beautiful baby bumps? People capture the photos at any time but not the pregnant mom because she wants to make this meaningful and unforgettable.

Normally, I would like to suggest the best experience to photograph your little one is between 28 to 36 weeks. This is the stage when you feel confident enough even to move across. You can angle different poses for lovely belly shots before your due date.

The sweet pot is around 30-33 weeks

This goes incredibly nice when expectant Moms get crazy near the 30 to 33 weeks of pregnancy. This means that once mom hits 30 weeks, she gets more conscious because she is getting close to the end of her pregnancy. It’s time to get the sweet pots ready and celebrate the babymoon.

Moms mostly plan a family baby moon trip as going to the beach. It is a wonderful way to commemorate the end of the pregnancy chapter as a mother. Such celebrations at the start of the third trimester or in the final month of pregnancy are just wonderful. That marks the start of the maternity photo shoot.

Multiple babies in between 24-32 weeks

When you are expecting more than one baby, it is the only case you should arrange your photoshoot in the second trimester. The Mum’s tummy gets prominent very soon between 24 to 32 weeks.

When you’re expecting twins, the optimum time to schedule maternity photos is usually between 24-28 weeks.

When to book your maternity photoshoot

Remember if you book too quickly, the baby bump may not be quite as visible as you would desire. If you get photos taken after your eighth month, you will most likely be too exhausted to pose and enjoy. As a result, avoid taking maternity photos at the end of the pregnancy.

I suggest booking your pregnancy photo session in the second trimester or as you get your 20-week ultrasound. This will give you little choice in when you could get the shoot. This will give you as well as the photographer an excellent opportunity to get a proper timeline.

Get fully booked about 3-4 weeks in advance

This proves convenient for Mums and photographers to book maternity photoshoots in advance. baby showers are usually planned at the start of the last trimester, it is better to ensure booking well before the beginning of the third trimester for ease.

When to book maternity photos when expecting twins or triplets

In the scenario of twins or triplets, your belly will become visible much earlier than typical in the second trimester. Your maternity photo session should be scheduled all through the second trimester. Whether you’re planning more than one baby. It would be more convenient to take your maternity photos somewhere around 24 to 28 weeks.

In the case of twins, I recommend you can also use a comfortable pregnancy belt with a solid back and belly support, it reduces lower back pain and stretch marks, has a baby-safe design, and is pleasant and relaxing.

What to wear for your maternity photo shoot.

Moms are cautious about what they wear, but the choice varies from person to person. I preferred a fitted maxi or form-fitting maxi style for a maternity dress. It allows you to move easily, eliminates stiffness, and exposes your gorgeous baby bump. Overall, you should avoid big or flashy patterns to let your bump show.

The best pregnancy photo shoot poses

A good photographer always knows how to focus and draw attention to the belly with the use of precise postures and poses, illumination, and wardrobe choices. However, even if your baby bump isn’t as big as you expected for the photo session, By following these varied poses, you can still achieve the desired effects.

  • Yoga and side pose.
  • Portray belly in close-up.
  • Make use of baby props.
  • You’re reclining on a daybed.
  • Place your palms on your belly.
  • portray as high off the ground.
  • Photo Silhouette Maternity Pose.
  • The most critical aspect is lighting. 
  • An older sibling poses to kiss the belly.
  • Maintain a simple and tidy background.
  • Poses that are natural and comfortable work best.
  • An older brother sits on your belly in front of you.
  • Posing in an S-curve fashion, such as keeping one shoulder up and the other down, with one hip out as a model.

“Some photographers have their collection of photo session dresses. You can also them out.”

Best location for a maternity session

The best place for a maternity session is a location that you love!

A babymoon is an exciting event to have your maternity photos shot in a beautiful place. Choose a location that is meaningful to you and your developing family while planning your maternity photos.

  • It may be a seashore or a garden where you would like to go.
  • It may be a specific location where you had your first meet-up.
  • Maybe you have a new home to conduct your photo session.
  • A babymoon is a great opportunity to have your maternity pictures taken in a scenic location.

In short, whatever location you choose for your maternity photography, the best maternity photographer will make it more appealing with different effects. He could provide you with tips and shooting ideas to give you stunning maternity shots. He most likely perceives which areas will look great on film.

Maternity photo session tips

Moms are constantly concerned about the captivating picture session that encompasses every aspect such as pregnancy photography clothes, baby bump poses, correct lighting, feature prominence, and baby pops. Follow these simple guidelines to make sure your photos are going to be stunning.

  • Avoid wearing obtrusive designed clothes.
  • Wear off any jewelry item before a photo shoot appointment.
  • Moisturize your body, especially your hands, elbow, and knees.
  • Hire a professional and nice photographer with whom you feel at ease.
  • Apply lotion one hour before to prevent the glossy belly look and ruin your clothes.
  • To capture a tight gorgeous belly, wear tight and stretchable clothes to move around at ease.
  • You could want to add a few baby items to your photo, including a lovely pair of shoes or a family heirloom.



Maternity photoshoots are an amazing way to capture the body’s astonishing transformations. Thus, the best time for a pregnancy photo shoot is when you feel satisfied and comfortable. Not only that, but they are an excellent way to record a photographic depiction of your pregnancy. Whereas I recommend making the ideal photo shoot in the third trimester (28-36 weeks). Finally, it is up to you to pick a convenient and preferable time that suits you for a maternity photo shoot. However, I do recommend arranging your photo session early rather than later to get the most out of it.

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