What Do Newborns Wear in a Hospital?

As a first-time mom-to-be, I am pondering over so many things. Like what would she wear first thing in the hospital? Do I even get to choose her first dress or the hospital does it? How do you dress a newborn? What about going home outfit? 

Sure this doesn’t sound complicated but it sure feels that way for first-time moms. So to make my postpartum journey a little smoother I decided to compile a guide to answer all these questions.

What does a newborn wear right after birth in the hospital?

Hospitals will provide the first outfit for the newborns as it will provide for the rest of the days the baby is in the hospital.

They usually dress them in diapers, and onesies with swaddles, or blankets on top.

But if you want to style your baby your own way, you can talk to your nurses and see if they can put the outfit of your choice on the baby’s first day.

How do you dress your newborn in the hospital?

The hospital typically dresses the newborns in side-snap body suits and simple gowns.

If you want to bring your own clothes for the baby, select the ones that are comfortable, easy to put on, and take off.

In the first few days expect frequent visits from the pediatricians, nurses, and other healthcare individuals to check up on the baby, so the dress should be very easy to open up.

How many outfits do you need for the baby in the hospital?

Hospitals across all the US states cover the dressing of newborns. You don’t have to bring any baby clothes except for the going-home outfit.

They typically provide bodysuits, flannel blankets, and even muslin squares (burp clothes) but still many prefer to bring their own clothes to dress the new ones the way they want to for the pictures or maybe just to feel more at home while staying there.

So if you plan on bringing your own clothes, Baby center recommends you pack two to three sleepsuits and vests, a blanket and pair of socks, and a hat.

If the stay is longer, you can have someone bring more clothes from home or just use the clothes provided by the hospital.

What to expect, however, suggests you don’t bring too much clothing for the baby. Rather, stick with one going-home outfit.

Always choose weather-appropriate clothes, more on them later in the FAQs section.

Baby outfit coming home from the hospital

Going home outfit should be a special one because you are always going to remember it and may even keep it as a keepsake. It will also be possibly featured in your family photos.

That said, the outfit depends upon personal preference. Some prefer a dress a little on the fancy side or even customized. While others just want something comfortable.

Those looking for comfort might find all-in-one stretchy outfits the best.

Keep in mind that the baby’s umbilical cord will probably still be clamped by the time you leave the hospital, so side-snap bodysuits and gowns are also good options.

Plus you can not predict the size of your baby, each newborn comes in a different size, so better keep two outfits ready in different sizes, and see which one fits best.

If you are planning on wrapping them up in a blanket, take care it stays far away from the face.

What should a baby wear from the hospital to home in winter?

In winter, layer up the little munchkins. It’s most convenient because you can always remove a layer or two after heading indoors or inside a car. 

A good rule of thumb is to dress them in an extra layer than what you are wearing.

A bodysuit underneath and a cute fleece footed sleeper suit on top could be a good choice for winter.

You can also just put a cardigan or jacket on top of the going-home outfit you have selected or wrap them up in a receiving blanket or a swaddle.

Also think of knit caps, socks, mittens, and booties. If it’s below freezing point in your area, pack a snowsuit to snuggle your baby in.

 If you have a preemie, you can add an extra layer because those neonates cannot regulate their body temperature as well as full-term babies. Just don’t forget to take a layer off when you pop them in the car seat.

What should a baby wear home from the hospital in summer?

Lightweight cotton clothes are the best option for summer. You can go along with cute shoes and a hat with a small brim to protect their sensitive skin from UV. 

A onesie is a good option and a thin swaddle or a sleep sack on top.

Or you can choose an undershirt and diaper, and a light gown or cotton sleepsuit on top.

A t-shirt and light pants might also go well. If you decide to leave the legs bare, cover them up with a light blanket for the time they are in direct sunlight.

If it’s super hot, just go with a short-sleeved onesie and a hat.

It’s better you go for layering in summer too because there’s mostly air conditioning indoors. Onesies, thin pants, shirts, thin jackets, and light blankets would be great pieces for layering.

Tips for the dressing process:

Put them on a flat surface (changing table or bed ) or in your lap. Stretch the neck of the shirt/bodysuit and gently raise the baby’s head and pull the shirt through. You might want to avoid contact with their face, babies facial skin being super sensitive and all. 

Next, scrunch the sleeves up and pull the arms through the holes. If you are putting on pajamas, gently raise the legs and pull them across the scrunched-up holes. 

The changing time is not their favorite. They are particularly not fond of the rush of air to the bare skin, so sing them songs and dance a little, anything to calm them down.

Don’t try to rush the process and never force their bodies through the clothes. Instead, move the dress more, and the body less.

It’s easiest to dress your baby in rompers and all-in-ones with snaps and zips in the front. The good idea is to Initially buy one piece of different items and see what works best for your baby. Then you can get that item more.

All that spitting and diaper leakages mean you need to change the baby a lot, so learn the right way of doing it but only practice will make you better.

In a nutshell 

It’s always wise to do your homework, especially when it involves precious little bundles of joy. And any homework for the moms-to-be will come in handy when the baby arrives. The postpartum journey is tough(to put it in a mild way), so prepare well.

Make a list of all the clothing items you will need, along with colors, sizes, and numbers. Setting a wardrobe for little ones is a lot of fun. Have a good time! 







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