What is the Difference Between 24 Months and 2T?

When it comes to baby clothing, it is quite simple to get them in the newborn size. But they grow out of it really fast. I mean, one week fast, and then you’ve got to move up to the next size.

When your little one reaches 2 years old, though, it gets a bit confusing since you have to choose between 24 months and 2T. I’ll cover everything surrounding the question, “What is the Difference Between 24 Months and 2T?”.

So keep reading to get the answer you need.

What is A 24 Months Clothing Size?

Before we go into the differences in clothing sizes, I think it’s important that you understand what we are referring to. 24 months refers to clothing that can be used for kids up to 24 months.

Usually, when a piece of clothing is labeled “24 months,” it actually means it can be worn by children between 18 months and 24 months. Some clothing brands use a size range label.

What Is A 2T Clothing Size?

It’s a bit easier to remember the basics of this size as the “T” stands for toddler while the “2” means 2 years. I know you might be wondering that “24 months is already 2 years, so why is 2T too?”

Well, the 2T sizes are made for children between 2 and 3 years old. It is actually the first size in the clothing series for toddlers, so you may also find 3T and 4T in the store. Rarely, you may also come across 1T and 5T, which fit 1 year olds and 5–6 year olds, respectively.

24 Months Vs. 2t- Are They The Same Size?

The biggest issue parents have with these clothing sizes is that they are practically made for 2-year-olds. In fact, many brands make their 24 month and 2T with the same measurements, so you would get the same thing either way.

However, there are more differences than there are similarities so let’s get into it.

Differences Between 2T and 24 Months

These differences will help you decide what size is best for your baby at the moment. The main distinction is that the 24 month may begin at 18 months of age, whereas the 2T begins at 2 and continues to 3 years.


A good difference to note when you get to the store is the difference in sections where they are displayed. Due to the nature of manufacture, the 24 months would usually be found in the baby department while the 2T would be found in the toddler or children’s section.


Since you would find the 24 month in the baby section, you’d expect that these clothes would be made with more room for the diaper. It may also contain fasteners to make diaper changes all the easier.

The 2T, on the other hand, has much less room than the 24 month clothes because manufacturers expect your child to have completed potty training by this age. That simply buttresses the fact that your little one is considered a toddler and not a baby.

Fitting and Measurement

As I earlier mentioned, some manufacturers would make the 2T and 24 month sizes the same in terms of measurement and fitting. However, a bunch of others make both sizes with slightly different measurements.

Most 24 month clothes, for example, will fit a baby measuring 32-33.5 inches tall and weighing 28-30 pounds. A 2T would measure 33.5-35 inches tall and weigh 30-32 pounds.

So, you can see that the difference is rather small, but that’s because 24 months is made to fit slightly younger kids and 2T goes from 2 years upward.


Yet again, the department affects the appearance of these clothing sizes. 24 month clothing is usually made with baby-like designs, from cute characters to poppers that fit around a diaper.

On the other hand, the 2T size has clothes that feature more cool designs. It takes the taste up a notch to suit the preferences of your toddler.


Most manufacturers create the 24 month sizes with the intention of having small babies use them. That means body suits with fasteners and poppers for diaper changes.

The 2T size is made for kids who are starting to potty train. This means that you will mostly come across regular shirts, pants, and dresses for your little one in the 2T section.


Another major difference between 2T and 24 months lies in the manufacture. I’m sure by now you know that different brands equate these sizes differently.

Some have slightly different measurements, whereas others have the same fitting. Anyway, let’s take a look at some popular brands’ 24 month and 2T clothing.


Carter’s labels their 2T and 24 month clothes separately, so you may not get confused with this one. The 2T is their smallest size in the toddler section, while the 24 months is the biggest size in the baby section.

Also, it’s worth noting that there’s an overlap between both size and weight recommendations.

Old Navy

Old Navy has their baby section go up to 24 months and has it labeled as 18-24 months. This eliminates the confusion because you know exactly what age group

 should wear this.

Then, their toddler size starts at 2T, so you can switch to it right after the 18-24 month clothes are the 2T.


This brand, which is sold at Walmart, has their largest baby size at 24 months. Although their 2T size is similar to their 24 month clothes in terms of height and weight measurements.


The baby section is similar to Old Navy as it goes up to 24 months and is labeled 18-24 months. However, their toddler section starts at 12 months, which means you can find various overlapping sizes depending on what section you shop.

One thing to keep in mind is that Gap does not have a 2T in toddler clothing; instead, it is labeled as 2 years.

Cat & Jack

Target’s Cat & Jack brand goes up to 24 months in their baby section, but the toddler section starts at 12 months. Their 2T and 24 month sizes are the same in terms of measurement. However, there may be a slight difference in style.


Gerber uses the same measurements for the 24 month and 2T clothes, but you may notice a difference in the style as per the label. In some descriptions, they may state the difference between the toddler and baby sizes.

Children’s Place

As with most brands, the largest baby clothing size at Children’s Place is 18–24 months, and 2T is considered the next size up. However, the toddler section for this brand starts as low as 6 months.

H & M

The thing I like about H & M is that they do not have a 24 month size. They go from 18 months to 2T, so you just know what size to purchase when your little one hits the 2-year mark.

How To Know If Your Baby Should Wear 2T or 24 Months

When it comes down to it, you have to settle on a particular clothing size. The first thing I recommend doing is for you to select a preferred brand, then choose a size based on your child’s age and measurements.

If your little one is still using diapers, you may want to opt for the 24 month clothes, but the 2T works well for kids that are being potty trained.

2T Vs 24 Month Sizing Guide

In order to aid your choice, here is the sizing guide for 2T and 24 month clothing sizes of popular brands.

24 Month Clothing Chart

Carter’s32-34 inches28-30 lbs
Old Navy31.5-33.75 inches24-26 Ibs
Garanimals32-33.5 inches26.5-30 lbs
Gap31-33 inches27-30 lbs
Cat & Jack33-35.5 inches26.5-28 Ibs
Gerber32-34 inches28-32 lbs
Children’s Place32-33.5 inches28-30 Ibs

2T Clothing Chart

Carter’s35-36.5 inches29-31 lbs
Old Navy33.75-36 inches26-28 Ibs
Garanimals32-33.5 inches26.5-30 lbs
Gap (2 yrs)33-36 inches30-33 lbs
Cat & Jack33-35.5 inches26.5-28 lbs
Gerber32-34 inches28-32 lbs
Children’s Place33.5-35 inches30-32 Ibs
H & M36 inches27 Ibs


When your baby finally outgrows the 18-month size, just take a look at their weight and height as well as their current needs before buying a clothing size. That means, if your little one is still using diapers, a 24 month size would be better, but if they’re in the potty training stage, you’d want to opt for the 2T sizes.

How hard was it to shop for your 2 year old? Did you even get confused as soon as you walked to the kids’ section for clothes? I’d love to hear your stories and thoughts, so please leave a comment.

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